Behind the Seams, an Interview with Lisa Duncan

Lisa Duncan talks with Jonathan about her impressive CV of costume-design in film and TV.

Following a successful career in fashion journalism, Lisa pursued her passions for cinema and costume by switching to design, styling for commercials and short films, which ultimately led to costume design for film, TV and theatre.

Lisa shares her early experiences, her love of storytelling through watching movies, and describes how her respect for the craft of costuming is expressed in the productions she has worked on, which include CROWHURST, BEEN SO LONG and CHIMERICA (C4) and yet to be broadcast SMALL AXE directed by Steve McQueen.

Deconstructing her rigorous methods of research and presentation, Lisa also illuminates how this crucial process helps a performer find their character’s voice within the overall dramatic and visual narrative.

Introduction by
Jeremy Angel
Richard Green
Jonathan Lipman

Interview by
Jonathan Lipman

Excerpt of Interview with Matt Lucas

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