Behind the Seams, an Interview with Suttirat Anne Larlarb

Suttirat Anne Larlarb is a North American set and costume designer with a highly-regarded international career in the film, TV and theatre industries. Her chat with Richard explores how she views her role within each of these worlds, and how she effectively manages to navigate them.  

Suttirat knew from an early age that she was heading for an artistic career. The opportunities afforded by outstanding academic institutions including Stanford and Yale enabled her to realise a unique artistic process of storytelling through visual presentation. She explains how her endeavour is to root everything in close observation of both environment and character, creating a heightened visceral experience for her audiences. The substance of a project always informs the style. This is exemplified by her detailed references to the longstanding collaboration she enjoys with the iconic director Danny Boyle. Their work has taken them on amazing journeys, from the beaches of Thailand to the heat of Mumbai, the Arizona desert to the 2012 opening ceremony of the London Olympics. It is her embrace of the technical challenges for each of these adventures that highlights the unique synergy, depth and complexity of Suttirat’s artistry.

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