Behind the Seams, an Interview with Chris Silk

As part of our ‘behind the seams’ chats, we’re pleased to introduce Richard’s conversation with Chris Silk, head of our uniform department.

Chris joined Angels as a trainee on the unique apprentice scheme created by Tim Angel and Shelley Thompson, where applicants are immersed in every aspect of the company’s costuming process. Over a period, they experience all the varied in-house working environments – civilian costume and military sections as well as the alteration workroom, returns and fancy dress.

Based on Chris’s fascination with all aspects of military history, once his initial training was completed he became a member of the uniform team. Ten years later, he’s the departmental manager. 

With the guiding support of Richard’s military and creative expertise, Chris and his team of costumiers produce a phenomenal output of highly-specialised work which reflects the unit’s world-renowned reputation. 

Chris and Richard’s chat highlights the career opportunities available at Angels for those with the passion, dedication and focus. 

Introduction by
Jeremy Angel
Richard Green
Jonathan Lipman

Interview by
Richard Green

Excerpt of Interview with Viveene Campbell


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