Behind the Seams, an Interview with Verity Hawkes

Verity Hawkes is a costume designer who, for over 20 years has worked in film television and commercials.

Verity graduated from Wimbledon School of Art with a degree in Theatre Design and subsequently entered the industry knowing specifically that she wanted to be a costume designer. 

She began as an intern at Thames Television which led to a permanent role as a costume assistant within their busy costume department.  It was these formative years and the contacts she made during that time, that eventually paved the way for her advance into the freelance sector.  

Verity explains to Jeremy how after many years of experience, she still finds the whole design process as joyous as when she first started, demonstrating again how crucial it is to have a passion for what you do. 

Verity is a much sought-after designer who has worked on advertising campaigns for the majority of big brands, as well on productions like Black MirrorAbout Time and Snatch which demonstrate her versatility.  However, it her long-standing relationships with her assistants, suppliers and makers that fill her with pride and a huge sense of accomplishment

Introduction by
Jeremy Angel
Richard Green
Jonathan Lipman

Interview by
Jeremy Angel

Excerpt of Interview with Katrina Lindsay

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