Behind the Seams, an Interview with Janty Yates

Today it’s great to present Richard’s chat with Janty Yates; a British costume designer who’s amazing career has taken her all over the world. She has worked on many varied projects that have been set across a variety of periods with many different Directors. We’ll hear about the value she places on having great support from her costume teams and her resources to facilitate her process.

Janty will offer us a fascinating insight into her long-standing very collaborative relationship with Sir Ridley Scott on such diverse films as Hannibal, American Gangster, Kingdom of Heaven, Robin Hood, Prometheus, Exodus Gods & Kings, The Martian, Alien: Covenant, All the Money in the World and Gladiator for which her designs won her an Academy award.

During her career she has worked with Michael Mann (Miami Vice with Colin Farrell & Jamie Fox) Jean Jaques Annaud ( Enemy at the Gates with Jude Law, Ed Harris & Rachel Weisz), Irwin Winkler, (De-lovely with Kevin Kline & Ashley Judd), John Amiel (The Man who Knew Too Little with Bill Murray), Michael Winterbottom (Jude with Kate Winslet & Christopher Eccleston and Welcome to Sarajevo with Woody Harrelson, Marisa Tomeii & Jimmy Nesbit ) Gillian Armstrong (Charlotte Grey with Cate Blanchett ) & Jake Scott (Plunkett & Maclean with Johnny Lee Miller, Liv Tyler & Robert Carlisle)

Introduction by
Jeremy Angel
Richard Green
Jonathan Lipman

Interview by
Richard Green

Excerpt of Interview with Ray Holman

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